Thank you for choosing to spend your time visiting my blog. My name is Nadiya. I’m a married work-out-of-the-home mom of two precious little girls. Together we are the Olivers.

Outside of my corporate job, I am in full homemaker mode and on the lookout for fun experiences for our family. On this blog and my YouTube channel, I share how I organize and operate my home so that it works for me and not the other way around. I also share all things business, wife, and mommy: planning, organizing, cooking, shopping, money, home décor, and my favorite: do-it-yourself ideas. I love creating one of a kind experiences for my family and I hope to inspire you with some fun ideas.

The olive doesn’t fall far from the tree. My toddler Amani, is my best friend. She loves to learn, is constantly on the go and a creative little soul.

My sweet Evangeline loves to cuddle and smile. We are blessed to be her parents.

My husband Mike, our rock, dotes on all of his girls. He is certainly outnumbered but wouldn’t have it any other way.