Easter Basket Haul & Ideas


had so much fun shopping for my children for Easter! From their dresses to their shoes, the items I purchased ran from the most inexpensive to a little “extra” for this holiday. I’m ok with the “extra” items which were the Easter dresses and complete Hanna Andersson sweater sets. I have lots of logic around that including the fact I sized up so they could all be worn throughout spring and summer. But more than that, I’m “ok” with that because it makes me happy! And that is what I am doing – I do ME. This year the Easter Basket items I purchased were all non-candy items mostly from Target ($3 or less) with some items from Dollar Tree and Amazon.  That being said I choose to get 90% of my children clothing and toys from the thrift store. This way I save TONs of money and I’m able to provide for them many more options than buying retail. I also swear I get higher quality items than regular stores! Our stuffed animal Easter bunnies, for example, are so unique and well made. They are expensive in retail stores.  They are way higher quality than I can find at a Target, at a lesser price!  There are so many unique options you can find at the thrift store. In fact you can create an entire non-Candy Easter basket using thrift store finds! They sell everything from the basket there to your holiday decorations. Little bagged toys sold in sandwich bags in the thrift store fit perfectly in plastic eggs. I hope my YouTube video provides you with lots of fun ideas! Be sure to check the description box for tons of other ideas and links to items not shared in the video!