know what you all are thinking… it has only turned Spring! This mommy is a planner and you know I am going to make the most of every free minute I have with my family.  Therefore I have already organized all of my summer essentials so I can just grab them and go when that hot sunny day arrives!  Truth be told, when I first starting researching products for Amani, now two and a half, I had no idea what I was doing.  I overbought on several items, buying a ton of “cute” floats, hats, and bathing suits which were not practical and did not serve any purpose when it came down to it. The unicorn float was adorable on the ground.  Once we got “him” in the water, baby positioned, he was very unstable and his pointy head was right there in Amani’s face.  She was barely able to enjoy the water.  Needless to say he did not make the cut – not even for a picture since that would require letting go with one hand! Let’s not forget about the floats where your baby can sink down, slump over or slip right through the bottom… every parent’s nightmare!  Since then, I have wised up and narrowed down my essentials checklist dramatically.  Also, you can find many items at the thrift store including: bathing suits, sand toys (often new), puddle jumpers, terry robes, towels and blankets, and more.

I hope my checklist saves you time and money when doing your own research. I am also including a more extensive checklist should you wish to opt to bring more than the basics.  Enjoy!


Watch my baby beach essentials video here to see some of the products I recommend first-hand!