t’s one of my favorite times of year and I was excited to take make these special shabby chic bonnets for my toddler, Amani and my baby, Evangeline.  It brings such joy to my heart to be able to create special, one of a kind items for my little girls. These bonnets also make amazing photo props.  My girls wear their hats around running errands and I am constantly stopped and asked where I get them from.  While most places charge $50 for these, you can make them yourself in no time at all for about $5 considering everything you will purchase can be used for multiple projects. Check out my 7 minute YouTube video @ But Olive U More to watch me make them step by step, or continue reading for my free pattern and downloadable instructions!

Here is what you’ll need:

Soft Stretchy Fabric –

A sweater works perfectly. You can find one at Goodwill or your local thrift store. Buy the largest size possible so you will have lots of extra fabric for additional hats.

Flowers – 

I use a mix of flowers from he dollar tree.  I usually buy at least 3 types of flowers (one always a rose), and I usually buy tiny flowers for extra decor.

Pearls – 

An old necklace will be perfect. I usually bag a bag of mixed baubles from my thrift store.

Moss (Dollar Tree)

Glue Gun | Glue 

My glue gun is old but you can find an affordable gun and glue on Amazon.

Scissors & Floral Shears (Dollar Tree)

Ball Head sewing pins (optional)

Small paper bowl or plate (optional)

Needle & Thread (Dollar Tree for needles, Michaels for thread)

Download my bonnet pattern. For a toddler, I usually cut just on or outside the line and for a baby just on or inside the line. You can always trim down the hat to fit your child’s hat.

Toddler | Baby Bonnet Pattern

Download full instructions here:

DIY Easter Bonnet Instructions