Spring & Summer Car Preparation

t goes so fast“I is what our friends say who have grown children. Looking at my mischievous two-nager, chattering sentences away, I can see that. Whether we are stay-at-home mom or “working” mom all of us are working moms and our free time with our children is at a premium!  Between diaper changes, cleaning, deep cleaning de-cluttering and organizing,  grocery shopping, cooking, appointments, birthdays, school activities, homework and sports how much quality time do we actually have?  For 90% of the hours my children are awake during the week, mommy is not home.  Truth be told, mommy missed most of “baby’s firsts” because she had to go to work.  That is the reality for many of us today.

Here in New Jersey, the summers are short so I am teaching my children to embrace the change of seasons. We find beauty and opportunity in whatever Mother Nature brings. You will find us outside playing in the snow and jumping in puddles as it rains.

Some of my best memories last year are being with Amani on the go, and all of the different places we spent time together during the summer.  If I am living true to my priorities, it is simply mandatory for me to take advantage of the “Summer Fridays” my company offers.  Each Friday and I am allowed to leave by 1pm. On this day, I usually work from home so that I can save the hour plus drive home. Since their sleep schedule is our “holy grail” our adventure must be complete by 5pm, dinner time. If I were to start from scratch preparing every single item that I may need, at least an hour of that time would be wasted.  That is why I prepare my car at the start of the season for anywhere the day may take us – whether it be a park, a spray park, a playground or shopping.  I hope you enjoy my FREE downloadable check list of items I may take with me:

Summer Car Preparation Checklist

Watch me prepare my car!