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As a work-out-of-the-home wife and mommy of a toddler an infant you would think I had enough to do or better things to do rather than run a YouTube channel and write a blog. For all the reasons you would think this – is exactly why I am.

Working has forced me to prioritize my life and find ways to truly maximize my time at home. In fact, I write this on a Sunday as my children are napping. In many ways, I bring the same strategies I use at my corporate job to running my home like a well-oiled machine. I don’t “love” that. This is all for one goal – having more time to do things I love to do, rather than things I have to do. The top of that list is spending time with my family. Also when you get to know me, you will find that creativity is built in. This serves as the perfect outlet for everything all in one.

I often wonder what other work-out-of-the home parents are doing. Those channels are few and far between. How easy is it to even keep up with friends during a busy week, let alone get into the nitty-gritty of a completely chaotic, stressful, unrelenting work schedule? My hope is to build a supportive community where we can be honest and realistic, share and learn from each other. But that is not all. I owe a ton of gratitude to those stay at home parents that run channels themselves. I save the time I don’t have and I certainly save money by watching and learning about what works from those who have been there before me. I also find comfort in knowing that even though I spend most of my week at work, I am still doing it “all” for my family. I am just doing it differently, and all of that “different” I hope to give back in the form of ideas and information.

With all of this said, I have come to realize how perfect life can be. Perfect doesn’t mean I am not tired or stressed. It does not mean I don’t make mistakes and I have nothing to improve. Others can never define your “best”. Who is to say what perfect is for you or for your family?

This brings me to my final point. “Help is only help when it’s asked for”. I love this saying because it rings true for so many situations where your children are involved. If you have raised twenty children – they aren’t my children. Whatever your specialty is – you won’t know my child better than me. And keep in mind how often studies are done, recommendations change and go back and forth about what is “best”. Our job is to make informed decisions, as best we can, for our families and ourselves. I’m putting out there what so many of us would often love to say. I’ll be brutally honest with you and I hope you will do the same. Of course, honesty comes with opinion but criticism and mom shaming are never helpful. Even if it is well intended – that doesn’t matter if the result is the same. So let’s check that at the door.