Wasabi Pea-Crusted Salmon | Cabbage with Sugar Snap Peas

Photo credit: Epicurious

Nothing tugs at your heart more than small gestures by your husband.  Some years back, my husband surprised me with this delicious Wasabi-Pea Crusted Salmon dinner.  I was truly impressed with this creative dish! You would think wasabi peas would be very hot but actually when cooked, they are not. They add the most perfect delicious crunch to the dish. I would have never guessed how LITTLE time or effort my husband has had actually put into this dish. Not only is it an extremely healthy low carb dish, it is done in about 20 minutes. This has become a staple meal in our house, and one which I would consider a go-to for a Lenten meal or even dinner guests.

Download the FREE recipe here and give it a whirl! You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Wasabi Crusted Salmon with Red Cabbage_Sugar Snap Peas